Jackson Art Center Lease and Collapsed Building Top ANC Agenda

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission meets Oct. 1 at 6:30 p.m.

Neighbors concerned about the future of the Jackson Art Center or a permit request from the owner of a collapsed Wisconsin Avenue structure will want to attend the Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting tonight.

The full agenda is below. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School.


Public Safety and Police Report

Financial Report

Proposed ANC 2E FY 2013 Budget

Reauthorization of Executive Director employment and salary for FY 2013

Transportation Report

DPW Report


ANC2E Commendation to honor Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School for community engagement and generosity

Community Comment

New Business

  • DDOT proposed regulations on private signage in public space (e.g., freestanding triangular advertising signs on the sidewalks) and on private property
  • 3050 R Street NW, Jackson Arts Center


  • 1075 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW, ABRA-089867, Hotel Monticello, application for liquor license     

Historic Preservation – Raze Permit Application

  • SMD 02, 3324 Dent Place, NW, OG 12-348  (HPA 12-583)  (for the Historic Preservation Review Board)

Old Georgetown Board


1.      SMD 03, 3321 N Street, NW, OG 12-358  (HPA 12-593)  Residence, One- and two-story rear additions, new window well on front façade, concept

2.      SMD 03, 1424 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-292  (HPA 12-480)  Commercial, Reconstruction of collapsed building, rooftop addition, concept

3.      SMD 03, 1424 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-340  (HPA 12-557)  Commercial, Reconstruction of collapsed building, addition of third floor, concept

4.      SMD 05, 3222 M Street, NW, OG 12-294  (HPA 12-482)  Georgetown Park, sign scheme: canopy and banners, concept - revised design

5.      SMD 05, 3251 Prospect Street, NW, OG 12-353  (HPA 12-588)  Mixed use, Alterations for new window openings, permit

6.      SMD 06, 2805 M Street, NW, OG 12-355  (HPA 12-590)  Commercial, Replacement windows, permit

7.      SMD 06, 3029 M Street, NW, OG 12-351  (HPA 12-586)  Commercial, Sign scheme for “Scotch & Soda,” permit - options

8.      SMD 06, 2718 P Street, NW, OG 12-346  (HPA 12-580)  Residence, shed at rear, permit

9.      SMD 06, 3100 P Street, NW, OG 12-363  (HPA 12-600)  Residence, 2-story rear addition (at 2nd and 3rd floors), concept

10.  SMD 06, 3138 P Street, NW, OG 12-350  (HPA 12-585)  Residence, 2-story addition to in-fill courtyard, concept

11.  SMD 06, 1510 31st Street, NW, OG 12-066  (HPA 12-116)  Commercial, Roof deck – existing (shed removed), permit

12.  SMD 07, 1645 31st Street, NW, OG 12-356  (HPA 12-591)  Residence, Williams-Addison House, also known as Oak Crest and Friendly Estate, underground parking garage, concept

13.  SMD 07, 2523 P Street, NW, OG 12-349  (HPA 12-584)  Residence, Rear addition of sunroom, permit

14.  SMD 07, 3247 R Street, NW, OG 12-357  (HPA 12-592)  Residence, Raze existing structure at rear, new one-story building with basement at rear, concept

Melanie Gisler October 01, 2012 at 02:03 PM
The collapsed building at 1424 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, will not be on ANC2E's agenda this evening. The owner did not file the proper project plans and per Jose Martinez at the Old Georgetown Board is off the agenda for October, therefore, also off ANC2E's agenda as well since there are no plans to be reviewed. Melanie Gisler Exec Dir ANC2E
Shaun Courtney October 01, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Thanks Melanie. I think this is the third or fourth time it's been on the agenda and then off again. It should be interesting whenever the project actually stays on the agenda! -Shaun


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