Kwame Brown Charged with Misdemeanor Campaign Finance Violation

Thursday federal prosecutors charged Brown for making an "unlawful cash campaign expenditure”

Less than 24 hours after former District Council Chairman Kwame Brown , federal prosecutors filed misdemeanor charges againts Brown for making an "unlawful cash campaign expenditure,” according to the Washington Post

The charge was filed as a criminal information, which means it was filed with Brown's knowledge and consent. Such a document is generally a sign that a plea agreement is near, as several media outlets have explained.

In the document, obtained by the Washington Post, the prosecution charges Brown with knowingly allowing a person other than his treasurer to open a second "side account" for his 2008 campaign. He is also charged with authorizing that person to make at least one cash expenditure from that account in excess of $50.

Brown is the second councilman in two months to resign after federal charges. Councilman Harry Thomas, Jr. pleaded guilty to stealing more than $350,000 in District funds and .

Brown will appear in court for his plea agreement Friday at 11 a.m.


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