New Wisconsin Avenue Streetlights, An Improvement?

The new Washington Globe streetlights replace 'cobra' lights on Wisconsin Avenue

Gone are the highway-esque "cobra" style lights of Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park and in their stead are new Washington Globe lights. The lights are just one element of the Glover Park Wisconsin Avenue Project to upgrade the streetscape and change the lane configuration.

Local blog 73rd & Walnut posted photos of the new streetlights.

"First off, let me tell you that they are beautiful. Shiny and black," wrote Adriana Cordero.

But Cordero admitted she was "puzzled" by the placement of one such new light (in the middle of the sidewalk, blocking pedestrians) and the size (they are as tall as the lights they replaced).

The Glover Park Streetscape Project will The project will reduce the number of traffic lanes from three to two during peak hours and from two to one during off-peak hours. Certain intersections will have left turn lanes.


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