No More Free Parking Around the National Mall?

You might be paying to park around the monuments in D.C.

The National Park Service is proposing to add parking meters on many streets around the National Mall. NPS photo
The National Park Service is proposing to add parking meters on many streets around the National Mall. NPS photo
A proposal by the National Park Service could mean that free parking would disappear in certain areas around the National Mall. Officials from the park service will discuss the proposal at a public meeting Feb. 11.

The National Mall and Memorial Parks (NAMA) wants to know what you think about their proposal to install multi-space parking meters at locations (see second photo with this story for locations) under NAMA jurisdiction where there is currently free public parking.

Metering the public parking areas along the National Mall was discussed with the public during the development of the Alternative Transportation Plan of 2008 and the National Mall Plan of 2010.

The NPS says this will help accomplish the following three primary goals:

• Manage the public parking turnover allowing more visitors access to park sites.
• Encourage the use of public transit and other transportation alternatives.
• Use parking revenue to improve and make more affordable visitor transportation related activities inside the park.

A public meeting on this proposal is scheduled for:
Tuesday, Feb. 11,  6-7:30 p.m., at NPS/National Captal Region Headquarters cafeteria, 1100 Ohio Drive, SW

What do you think? Meters or no meters?

john shroeder January 31, 2014 at 10:33 AM
That's a great idea to make it harder to park if your objective is to reduce tourism in Washington, DC. The automation of the meters so that a driver has to establish a telephone connection to park is bad enough. If you want tourists to spend money in DC and stimulate employment, make it EASY to park for 3 hours.
Lisa January 31, 2014 at 10:54 AM
The larger issue I see is the lack of spaces for the disabled. For a country that has ADA laws regulating access to buildings and facilities, I find it amazing that our nation's capital makes it so difficult for the disabled.


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