O&P Project Ribbon Cutting Slated for Sept. 18

The ceremony would mark the end of the 18-month project.

The long-awaited day has arrived: on Sept. 18 at 10 a.m. officials will mark the ceremonial end of Georgetown's O and P Street project some . The date is still tentative, depending on Mayor Vincent Gray, Councilman Jack Evans and several other key officials' schedules.

The project involved the restoration of the historic streetcar tracks and repairs to the streets and infrastructure on stretches of O and P Street in the West Village. Work began Feb. 28, 2011 at 36th and P Streets and advanced through the neighborhood from there.

A few hiccups along the way included the and the discovery of buried tracks on streets .

Throughout the process businesses and residences suffered through closed sidewalks and streets, parking restrictions, gray dust and more.

The majority of the work finished in the estimated 18-month time line and the finishing touches should be complete by the tentative Sept. 18 ribbon cutting.


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