Certified Election Results: GU Student Wins Big

Peter Prindiville garnered 243 votes in his student-dominated single member district.

Georgetown University Student Peter Prindiville received more votes than any other Georgetown student Advisory Neighborhood Commission candidate in a decade.

Craig Cassey, Jr. will join Prindiville on the ANC, after a successful write-in campaign.

"I think the turnout shows that students are engaged in the community and that they care about our local political leadership," said Prindiville about the significance of the turn out in his student-dominated voting district.

Prindiville said he was glad to see such strong results at the end of his seven-month campaign to be one of two Georgetown students serving on the ANC.

"Student voters are happy with the results. For many of them, this was the first time a student appeared on their ballots. They were excited about that opportunity, and showed up to vote," said Prindiville.

The last time large numbers of Georgetown students voted for their own was in 2000, another election when two students won seats.

Redistricting in 2001 dropped student numbers on the ANC down to one. During the most recent round of redistricting, the ANC proposed having two voting districts that cover areas of mostly student housing.

Though students had argued for three districts to cover their large population, they got two student-heavy voting districts.

Despite the previous tensions around redistricting and the 2010 campus plan discussions, Prindiville said his welcome has been "pleasant."

"I'm looking forward to working with the other commissioners and members of the community," he added.

The Board of Elections provides records with ANC votes online from 1998 through today.

Year Name Votes 2012 Prindiville 243 2012 Cassey 2010 Sticka 9 2008 Golds 48 2006 Lownestein 
20 2004 Clements 96 2002 Glick 91 2000 Kopa 468 2000 Wagner 426 1998 Payne 215 1996 Sinderbrand 
n/a 1996 Fogarty n/a


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