Local Schools Outpace Citywide Scores in Reading, Math

Hyde-Addison Elementary, Stoddert Elementary and Hardy Middle all made gains in math since 2011, according to data released today by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education.

Students enrolled in D.C. public schools in the Georgetown area scored much higher on the most recent round of standardized testing than students in other parts of the city.

Results from the 2012 Comprehensive Assessment System were released Thursday afternoon and show that less than half (49.3 percent) of public school students in the city are proficient in math and even fewer (45.6 percent) are proficient in reading, according to benchmarks set by the government.

But students at , Stoddert Elementary and scored much better than these citywide averages.

In a press release, Mayor Vincent Gray's office highlighted the reading and math proficiency of third and fourth grade students throughout the city who had participated in pre-kindergarten programming.

School Overall Proficiency 2012 Overall Growth Since 2011 Reading Proficiency 2011 Reading Proficiency 2012 Math Proficiency 2011 Math Proficiency 2012 Hyde-Addison Elementary 82.2 3.6 82.4 83.2 74.7 81.2 Stoddert Elementary 81.2 0.2 78.1 77.6 83.7 84.8 Hardy Middle School 65.6 -1.3 65.9 62.8 67.8 68.4

“Today’s results are proof positive of the impact pre-K participation is having on education in the District of Columbia,” Gray said in the press release. “The growth from our third and fourth grade students is directly proportionate to the expansion of our early learning initiatives, and my administration will continue to do what is best for District children to successfully begin their educational journey.”


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