Local Schools Respond to Newtown School Shooting

Georgetown school will have heightened security measures.

In the aftermath the , DC principals and their staff are putting into place increased security measures as local children return to their schools Monday morning.

"We are deeply saddened by the unconscionable acts of violence that took the precious lives of innocent children and educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families impacted and to the entire community of Newtown as they deal with this tragedy," reads a statement on the DC Public Schools website.

Hyde-Addison Elementary School Principal Dana Nerenberg advised parents of new security precautions for visitors and stricter check-in measures for tardy students in an email sent late Sunday evening:

"Effective tomorrow during the school day all parents, visitors, and guests will enter our campus through the front door on O Street, sign in with security, receive a guest pass, and then proceed to their destination in Hyde or in Addison. Should your child arrive to school late, you will need to escort your child into the Hyde Building via the O Street Door to sign in and receive a tardy slip."

Additionally Nerenberg advised parents on how children are to address the shooting while in school:

"Some of your children may know of Friday's events while other children have had no exposure. If your child is aware of the tragedy, please inform them that some of their peers may not and if they wish to talk about what happened to please direct the conversation to any of our school staff. If your child is particularly worried, please let me and your child's classroom teacher know so we can keep an extra eye out."

Nereberg also provided contact info for the school social worker, Janell Morgan, should children need someone to speak with: jmorgan@hydeelementary.org.

Finally she offered several links for parents with advice on how to speak with children about such tragic events:

- Talking to Children about Community Violence
- Helping Your Children Manage Distress in the Wake of a School Shooting
- Resources to Help Parents, Children, and Others Cope in the Aftermath of School Shootings

For live updates on the shootings, follow Newtown (Conn.) Patch.


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