Progress Gap between Georgetown Public Schools

Hyde-Addison makes progress, Hardy continues to struggle

This week the Office of the State Superintedant of Education (OSSE) released the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) reports for District schools, including Georgetown's and . Georgetown's schools have better test scores than

Schools make AYP in a subject (reading and math) if the percentage of all students and the percentage of students in various sub-groups scoring “proficient” or “advanced” on the DC CAS meets or exceeds the respective proficiency target, graduation rate (as applicable), and attendance rate minimums.

In 2011 Hyde-Addison made AYP in reading, but not math. In 2010, the school made AYP in math, but not reading. Hyde was one of 52 schools to make AYP for reading, math or both subjects.

Hardy did not make AYP in either math or reading and is now marked as "In need of improvement, year 2." If a school does not make AYP for two or more consecutive years, it is identified as a school in need of improvement, and enters a multi-year process geared toward improving their statistics. Hardy is just one of 163 D.C. schools are labeled as needing improvement.

“AYP scores alone do not tell a school’s full story," said Hosanna Mahaley, DC State Superintendent of Education in a news release.

Hyde-Addison ES

Proficient Advanced Proficient Advanced 2011 49.40 16.53 51.58 16.21 2010
18.03 50.84


Proficient Advanced Proficient Advanced 2011 62.64 19.78 49.45
25.27 2010 54.17
25 48

When the District of Columbia Comprehensive Assessment System (DC CAS) results were , Chancellor Kaya Henderson said, “DCPS must continue to make radical changes if our students are expected to be competitive with their peers on the national and international stages."

Judith Bunnell August 05, 2011 at 08:55 PM
Wilson High School in Tenleytown is Georgetown's neighborhood high school. I know the school is working hard to continuously improve academics.


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