Keep Georgetown's Pets Safe in the Heat

The Washington Humane Society have five tips to keep fido healthy in the heat.

Maybe ice cream at and a dip in the pool are enough to keep you happy on a hot day, but do you know what to do for your pet?

The Washington Humane Society offers five tips to keep your pet safe during extreme heat:

1. Do you like A/C? So does your pet.

Keep pets indoors in air-conditioned environments or near fanned areas.

2. Keep your furry companion cool and hydrated.

Make sure pets have access to shade and plenty of cool drinking water.

3. Get a comfortable workout by taking your pet out in the early mornings or evenings.

Walk or exercise pets in the early mornings and evening to minimize exposure to the heat.

4. Don’t take them out if it will put them at risk!

Leave pets at home in a controlled-temperature environment whenever possible. Pets are often much safer and more comfortable indoors than in vehicles and at outdoor summer events.

5. Never leave pets closed in a hot vehicle! It’s the law.

Even with the windows cracked or open, your car can heat up to very dangerous levels in a matter of minutes.

If your animal displays signs of heat exhaustion—rapid panting, rapid pulse, glazed eyes, excessive salivation, elevated body temperature, excessive whining or agitation, staring, vomiting, and white or bluish gums—WHS urges you to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Georgetown is lucky to have several great animal hospitals nearby:


(1808 Wisconsin Ave., NW) 202-659-8830

Friendship Hospital for Animals (4105 Brandywine St., NW) 202-363-7300

The Wallyboy Company September 07, 2012 at 02:52 AM
To help keep your pet cool in the summer, there are many things you can do including the above and keeping their water cool. We dont like drinking hot water and either do they. Special bowls are available to keep their water cool like the following: http://www.wallyboypetproducts.com/dog/dog-dishes-bowls/cool-bowl-with-ice-pack-lg.html


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